A Traditional Villa Close To Sea

Private Bathroom
2 Bedrooms
Up to 4 Persons
Full Kitchen
Excellent Location


Lindos Orchid Villa is located in the center of Lindos. By staying in the Orchid Villa, you’re a part of the history of Lindos. Just a few steps away from your points of interest. The famous St. Pauls Bay, is just a couple of minutes walking from the Villa. And so is the magnificent Acropolis of Lindos, standing tall on the summit of the Village.

Everything you’ll need, is just seconds away. Restaurants, Gelatto, Cafeterias and the allayways of Lindos Market.

Lindos Orchid Villa is the perfect choice for families, couples or friends. No matter with whoom you travel, you’ll experience the best of Lindian hospitality, and enjoy your privacy in this modern and contemporary accomondation.

We recognize the need of beeing online, even on holidays, and that’s why we offer our guests totally free super fast WiFi.  

  • Free public parking is available nearby.
  • Public transportation is just a few minutes walking distance.
  • Taxi station located less than 500 meters from the Villa.


Airport Transport Service can be arranged upon request. Please add note on your reservation or use our contact form for inquiry.

No, breakfast is not served at Lindos Orchid Villa, but you’ll find a fully equiped kitchen with utencils to cover your needs.

Lindos is considered a UNESCO World Herritage Site and thus amenities like swimming pools can not be constructed. St Pauls Bay is just a couple minutes walking from the Villa and so is Lindos Central Beach. 

Lindos Orchid Villas offers all the hygine products you’ll need. Towels, shampoo, toilet paper and clean linen are available for all our guests.

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Enjoy Lindos the proper way

Where history and tradition meet the contemporary design of Lindos Orchid Villa

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